I’m in love with your customers. It’s my superpower. 

Here’s the creative process I use to court them (so they fall in love with you):

1. The Speed Date 

(Discovery). We’ll have an intensive virtual chat so I can understand your brand personality, message, voice, and blindspots. That’s how we shape a copywriting strategy that converts. 

2. The Facebook Stalk

(Research). If you’ve got data, send it over. I want to know who’s already knocking at your door, so I can profile your ideal customer. I’ll also mine consumer reports, social media, and your competition to figure out who’d swipe right if you made it to their feed. 

3. The Fantasy

(Strategize). I want to win your target audience over because we belong together. I’ll develop a strategy for a digital marketing sprint, be it revamped web copy or pre-launch content for a product release. I’ll identify metrics we can use to evaluate our success later. 

4. The Plunge 

(Create and deploy assets. I know. Rousing pillow talk). I use all that conversation, research, and strategy to create kick-ass, customer-centric copy and content. I’ll work closely with your designer because the copy’s appearance is just as crucial as its language.  

5. The Therapy Session 

(Analyze). What we have is real, so let’s figure out what is versus what just seems sexy. We can be sad about the stuff that didn’t work for a minute, but your customers are my priority. I’m not writing to impress myself (or you, really). I write for them, so they choose you.

6. The Ever After

(Optimize). I use the metrics we determined to refine, discard, and create radically empathetic copy that works for today’s market, not yesterday’s.  

Picture of Dianna Benjamin, copywriter. I'm sitting on a wooden ladder, and I'm smiling at you. Let's work together!

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