Dianna K Benjamin Indianapolis freelance writer and freelance copywriter

Hi! I’m Dianna. I’m a freelance writer in the Indianapolis area creating high-quality copywriting for my clients since 2016.

I’ve extensively covered the cannabis industry including market trends, federal and state legislation, cannabinoid science, clinical applications of cannabis, and social equity issues. I also have experience creating B2B and B2C content in education, tech, real estate, and human resources for clients all over the country.

My clients have given me the delightful opportunity to write blog posts, web copy, project proposals, ghostwritten articles, podcast scripts, product descriptions (and even a massive review of reptile cages this one time). That breadth of experience has made me mildly obsessed with diving into new content and unfamiliar industries. It’s kind of exhilarating.

But that’s just my experience. Here’s my heart.

What energizes me the most about my work is helping you share your brand’s story and then watching your brand’s success multiply as a result of my services.

Because that’s why I’m here. I write so that your brand wins.

I choose the clients I work with because they’ve got a really cool product, a service that meets a need no one else can fill, or just awesome personalities and ideas worth sharing.

So if we work together, know that your business’ growth is my top priority.

I don’t think its a coincidence that you’ve launched your brand. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that you’re reading this, wondering which moves are the right next steps to take. Using my copywriting skills to connect you to people who could really use what you have to offer is my personal joy.

When I’m not working on my next writing project, I’m homeschooling my three kids, reading a good suspense-thriller, or watching anime with my husband. I highly recommend Attack on Titan. It’s terrifying.

If you have an idea you’d like to showcase through writing, contact me. Let’s work together.