Dianna K Benjamin Indianapolis freelance writer and freelance copywriter

Hi! I’m Dianna.

I’ve been freelance writing since 2016.

Whether growth-stage or established, the brands I write for make magic happen in cannabis, education, real estate, art, fashion, cybersecurity, and cryptocurrency markets.

Our relationships work because writing is sorcery. Wielding it to connect unique brands with their comparably quirky customers gives me life.

But I didn’t begin in the copywriting world. I started out as a bookworm writing angsty poetry and making friends at open mics.

Teaching was the obvious choice for this University of Florida double grad (Bachelor of Arts in English and Master of Education in Secondary English).

Except after four years of telling kids to chase their dreams, the call to write grew too large for my classroom.

I left a thriving career as a high school English teacher in 2016, and I’ve been writing blog, social, web, and email copy ever since.

That’s just my experience. Here’s my heart.

I write so you win.

Connecting you to people who want what you have and watching your success multiply as a result of my writing is an elixir, and I can’t get enough.

I’m still an avid reader and writer, but now I get to direct my efforts toward audiences made for your brand while doing what I love.

When I’m not working, I’m reading Octavia Butler or Stephen King, training for a 5K, debating with my husband about the best anime series (ask me why it’s Attack on Titan, NOT Code Geass, for Pete’s sake), or making fart sounds with my four kids.

If you have an idea you’d like to showcase through writing, contact me. Let’s work together.