If Self-Promotion Makes You Squirm, Hire a Freelance Writer to Do It for You

  • If you don’t prioritize marketing your brand, no one will do it for you.
  • Outsource your self-promotion strategy to a freelance writer.
  • This article is for entrepreneurs interested in enhancing their digital marketing campaign by working with a freelance copywriter.

You provide a service people love. Your products are locally sourced, organically grown, and ethically processed. You have one of the most diverse and inclusive work environments in your city. If people knew the walls you’ve scaled to get this far, they’d want to climb with you.

So why are you sitting on this goldmine of brand storytelling?

If the thought of writing a press release promoting your business and your story makes you queasy, then hire a freelance writer to do it for you. 

Keeping your success and expertise to yourself is like holding on to the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle someone else is overturning furniture to find. 

You have a lot to offer, and its smart business to let everyone around you know it. 

Blogs, web copy, brochures, print ads, email marketing campaigns… these are all tools successful brands hire copywriters to create  or edit so that they can earn their customers’ confidence, business, and loyalty.   

Your brand provides a solution to someone’s problem. A good freelance writer will connect you to the customers who are wondering where you’ve been their whole lives. Here’s how. 

A Freelance Writer Can convince Your Market to Believe in your brand as much as you do. 

Take a second to really think about your business. Is what you have to offer truly valuable? 

If you can say yes to that, then open up a new tab and take a look at your website. Now imagine that you’re a potential customer. 

Does the copy on each page reflect the exceptional quality of your brand? Are your calls-to-action persuasive?  How long will it take visitors to figure out what products and services you provide? 

Your website copy has the power to draw visitors deeper into your site… or it can send them running. Despite the hours you’ve poured into building your business, people typically make that decision in just a few seconds. 

Skillful freelance writers deliver website copy that keeps distracted, time-pressed visitors clicking. And the longer they explore your site, the more  likely it is that they’ll make a purchase. 

One of the most effective tools to increase website traffic and advertise your brand is through blog posts. A good freelance writer will use article and blog writing to tell stories humans connect with and search engines rank up. 

The result? Consumers buy into your story, and your brand reaches the markets it was made to serve. 

Freelance Writers are Especially Good at Showcasing Your Voice for These 3 Reasons 

First, freelance writers have experience writing lots of copy in a variety of industries. 

I’ve written about cannabis, education, tech, sports equipment, parenting, racial justice, and more as a freelance writer, and those projects exposed me to a variety of markets. 

I may have insight into a promising audience that’s off your radar but shouldn’t be.  I rely on data-driven research to provide consultation services that help you identify your target market and the strategies most suitable for reaching it. 

The second reason you should hire a freelance writer to capture your brand’s voice is because we’re expert wordsmiths.

Does your business offer a complex service even you have difficulty describing? A freelance writer’s entire livelihood is based on effective communication. Hire a freelance writer to help you sharpen your message and aim it in the right places.

Finally, freelance writers have amazing flexibility because we control our workflow and schedule. That means you’ll have as much time and influence over the direction of the writing project as you’d like. 

If we work together, you can be confident that you’re my top priority, not just another client a manager delivered to my desk. 

Freelance Writers Understand Your Perspective 

Freelance writers are entrepreneurs, too. Do you toggle back and forth between confidence and imposter syndrome? So do we. I relate to clients who struggle with self-promotion.

But it’s a necessary discomfort. There are customers out there who’s lives would be improved with the help of the product or service you’re offering.

Instead of looking for reasons to hide your phenomenal accomplishments, hire a freelance writer to amplify your voice so that you can connect with the consumers who need what you’ve got. 

If you’re interested in working together, check out my writing services and connect with me for a free consult. I can’t wait to tell your story. 

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