You care, but does your copy?

You want to save the world. 

You’re a mission-driven business ready to scale. Your product solves a quality issue, fills a gap, or targets an overlooked market. 

But you’ve got a problem. 

Your solution’s wicked smart, but distilling complex ideas isn’t your thing.  

It’s mine. Tag me in.

Image of Dianna K Benjamin (conversion copywriter) sitting down. and smiling at you!

I’m a radically empathetic copywriter who specializes in turning your world-changing recipe into everyone’s favorite cupcake. 

I make your brilliantly disruptive brand approachable because I see through the firewalls into your bleeding heart.

“But I’m a stone-cold coder. I have no heart.”

Steve, I’m here for you, too.

My copywriting connects mildly psychopathic geniuses like you to the people who need your baked goods. Or SaaS. Or DeFi service. Whatever cool, weird thing your cool, weird customers need.  

If you want to achieve wild financial success and save the world at the same time, you need copy that converts: 

  • Thought leadership that’s smart, not condescending
  • Product guides that are useful, not overwhelming
  • Ads that are targeted, not alienating
  • Web copy that’s clear, not cold 

You need copy that cares. That’s my specialty.

Check out the case studies below: